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אפל עונה 3 לצפייה ישירה - נטפליקס

אפל (Dark) היא סדרת טלוויזיה גרמנית, מסוג מותחן ומדע בדיוני.

אפל סדרה מקורית של נטפליקס, הסדרה הראשונה שנעשתה בגרמנית בנטפליקס. 

העונה השלישית והאחרונה עלתה ב-27 ביוני 2020.
עלילת הסדרה אפל לצפייה ישירה
אירועים על-טבעיים וסודות משפחה מערערים את הסדר בעיירה קטנה בגרמניה ומהדהדים טרגדיות מהעבר.

היעלמותם של שני ילדים, חושפת יחסים מעורערים, חיים כפולים ואת עברן האפל של ארבע משפחות שיוצאות למסע חיפוש מטורף אחר האמת, וחושפת תעלומה סבוכה המתפרשת על פני שלושה דורות.

Dark Season 3 Ending Explained | Netflix

Dark Season 3 Ending Explained | Netflix

Dark (Netflix) Season 3 ending explained. What the ending of Dark season 3 means. Check me out on Pledsto - Please subscribe! - Dark season 3 has finally been released and this video explains the complicated ending of the final season of the Netflix original series. Dark is a story about the town of Winden where everything is connected, and people like to say the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) is the center of the story as he grows to be an old man named Adam. In the third season we learn that there is another world where Jonas was never born, and an alternate version of Martha (Lisa Vicari) plays the same role. In alt Martha’s world she grows old to become Eva, and they are connected to Jonas through time travel. (Dark Season 3 explained in Hindi. Added Hindi subtitles.) In Dark season 3 we finally get answers on how the world of Jonas’s Winded and time travel came to be. We learn that Adam’s and Eva’s worlds rely on each other, and that there is a third world that they don’t know about yet. Claudia Tiedemann is the Dark character who figures out how to stop the cycles of pain, loss, and suffering that the inhabitants of Winden are stuck in. Season three shows us the origin of it all, and we learn that the origin of the crazy Dark family tree is the trio of characters that are named the Unknown. Dark’s final season gives us answers to most of the big questions that we had after seasons 1 & 2. We learn about all the gaps in the families and how the bootstrap paradoxes came to be. In the end Martha and Jonas have to work together to undo the knot that Adam and Eva have been trying to escape. It’s a heartfelt finale that is also a satisfying and conclusive end to the story. The third season of Dark was more complicated than its previous installments. With two worlds, more characters, and time periods that stretch farther than the ones we’ve already seen. The concept of quantum entanglement was introduced with multiple realities existing alongside each other. This Dark video explains the ending of the story and what it means for each of the characters. Check out these new Dark official instagram accounts. This Dark “season 3 ending explained” video covers all 8 episodes of the final season. We explain what happened to Jonas and Martha, and explain the mysteries of the family tree. The origin world is the only one left at the end, and we discuss what that means about characters we knew for the old world. Dark season 3 is one of the best for this Netflix series. The showrunners gave the series the ending that had envisioned, and we think that Dark fans will enjoy it. In the third and final season, DARK reaches its mind-bending conclusion, moving beyond the concept of space and time. Upon arrival in a new world, Jonas tries to make sense of what this rendition of Winden means for his own fate, while the ones left behind in the other world are left on a quest to break the loop that now not only bends time but also space. Two worlds. Light and dark. And in the center a tragic love story of epic proportions. What Dark theories are you thinking about as we head into season 3? How would you like to see the series end? Are you excited about the new shows Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese are making on Netflix after Dark is finished? Let us know what you think about the first Dark season 3 trailer in the comments, and let us know what questions you have about this Netflix Original. Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram - Check me out on Pledsto - Join me on Patreon! - Like my Facebook Page - #Dark #DarkNetflix #darkseason3 #Netflix

אפל עונה 3 לצפייה ישירה - ביקורות

מלחמת התשה: "אפל" הייתה יכולה להיות מושלמת, אבל אז היא התאהבה בעצמה

העונה השנייה המדהימה של דרמת המסע בזמן הגרמנית של נטפליקס המחישה את הפוטנציאל הגדול שלה, אולם עכשיו, בעונתה -האחרונה החדשה, במקום להתיר את התסבוכת "אפל" החליטה להוסיף לה. זה עשוי היה לעבוד אילולא רוב הזמן זה פשוט משעמם- וואלה

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